Steve DeNovicropped-img_63283.png

MBA, CPT, USAPL State Referee, 93kg Powerlifter

Powerlifting Coach based out of Springfield, MO

Instagram – @prs_performance

Steve got his start in Powerlifting in 2013 when he was living in St. Louis, MO, and while his formal education is in Marketing, his passion and interests lies in the pursuit of strength. Between diligent studying and the constant thirst for knowledge, Steve has taken the principles and theories he has learned to develop best practices within programming and lift technique that have led to dozens of PRs on the platform for his athletes. Under the tutelage of Hani Jazaryli of The Strength Athlete, he was able to set personal bests of a 479lb. squat, 275lb. bench press, and 550lb. deadlift in 2016.

But Steve’s achilles heel in his own performance has been injuries, as he has been plagued from the get-go. While this may have faltered his own powerlifting career, it has greatly benefited that of his athletes. Since progress didn’t come easy, he had to work that much harder in understanding the intricacies of programming and form to be able to make the progress he desired. Using that knowledge, he has not only helped healthy athletes perform to their best standards, but specializes in helping injury-ridden powerlifters get back to the platform.


Patrick Postenpatrickbiopic

B.S., CPT, 93kg Powerlifter

Powerlifting Coach based out of Springfield, MO

Instagram – @posten.lifts

Patrick graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Movement Science from Missouri State University in 2015. Patrick is a personal trainer and provides one-on-one services at Springfield Strength & Conditioning, which is a powerlifting gym located in Springfield, MO. Patrick’s experience in the fitness industry stems back to his first internship while in college, where he worked at Strong Gym, as well as owning his own facility for 3 years before deciding to put more emphasis into online remote powerlifting coaching.

Patrick is also a competitive powerlifter, competing in the USAPL 93kg class. He has been powerlifting for the last 3-4 years, and in that time he has qualified for and placed 17th at USAPL Nationals in 2017, and also competed at the highly prestigious Arnold Pro American in 2018.

HIs passion for coaching powerlifting stems from wanting to help other’s achieve the best version of themselves on and off the platform. As an athlete himself, he knows that all the hard work put in during training can be extremely rewarding when it is represented with a successful day on the platform. Patrick also understands that training for powerlifting helps you grow in other areas of life. The dedication to training and the attention to detail can help you find success in work and relationships, as well as the training creates a certain mental release that isn’t found in many other activities.

Patrick’s goal is to help other’s reach these aforementioned levels of success in the sport of powerlifting and in everyday life.


Nik JehleIMG_2906

B.S., CSCS, 93kg Powerlifter

Powerlifting Coach based out of Kansas City, MO

Instagram- @jehle.strength

Nik graduated from Missouri State University with a B.S. in Exercise and Movement Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Nik began work in the Strength and Conditioning arena with an internship with the Missouri State University football program. He then worked a small stint in St. Louis as a personal trainer and sports performance coach at Athletic Republic STL. Nik now resides in Kansas City, Missouri and is a personal trainer in Overland Park, Kansas. He works with a wide variety of individuals from powerlifting and sports performance to general population.

Nik’s passion for strength training started as early as 8th grade in his preparation for football. He discovered early on that he enjoyed the offseason strength and conditioning portion of the sport almost as much as he loved playing. Nik would go on to play 2 years of college football. His career was cut short due to a myriad of injuries. His spark to begin coaching and competing in the powerlifting arena stemmed from his personal passion for off-season training as well as the amount of injuries he accumulated over the course of his time playing football. His highly competitive spirit was not going to quit. Since training with PRS Performance for roughly 13 months Nik has remained injury free. He has learned that the key to consistent progression with any powerlifting athlete is staying healthy through a program that is customized specifically to the needs of that individual. This customization is built not only off applying his knowledge of the scientific principles of strength training, but of equal importance is the communication and relationship between coach and athlete.  

Nik’s best competition lifts are a 491lb. squat, 325lb. bench press, and a 551lb. deadlift. He will compete again in 2019 where he has set out to achieve PRS in every lift, as well as dropping down a weight class to the 93kg division in the USAPL, with the long term goal of qualifying for Raw Nationals. Nik trains out of the powerlifting gyms Strong Barbell Club and Stone & Barbell Club in Kansas City.

Nik separates himself from other coaches in the industry with his keen eye for optimal technique, exceptional communication, and his unrivaled persistence to continue to learn. He wants to share his knowledge, experience, and passion for the sport of Powerlifting with anyone who wants to improve.