Below is a database of all past blog posts. I’ve broken them up into categories of Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Programming, Accessory Movements, Competing/Meet Day, Injury/Rehab, and Other to make it easier to navigate through!


The Role Of Plantar Flexion In The Squat

How To Fix An Uneven Bar Position On Squat

There Isn’t Much Difference Between A Low Bar vs. High Bar Squat

Using Flat Shoes To Fix A Forward Weight Bias In The Squat

Tempo Squats To Improve Bracing

Squat Cue: Bring The Lower Obliques To The Thighs

My Top 3 Favorite Squat Variations

Benefits Of The Safety Bar Squat That Are Overlooked

6 Causes Of Knee Cave And Why A Hip Circle Isn’t Fixing It

Understanding Hip Shift In The Squat

Pause Squats and Deadlifts For Deceleration

Squat Technique: Drive The Knees Forward and STOP “Sitting Back”

Squat Cue: Let The “Chest Lean”

Comprehensive Guide To Foot Rooting In The Squat

Setup and Bracing Guide For Low Bar Squatting

The Relationship Between the Ribcage, Pelvis, and Ankles

Simple Hip Shift Fix

Benefits Of Pause Squats That Are Overlooked

How To Determine Your Optimal Squat Stance

Wide Stance Squats To Improve Hip Mobility and Control

Brace After The Start Command

Low Bar Grip Width Could Be Causing Your Hip Shift

Why You Should Program High Bar Pause Squats

Simple Adjustment To Immediately Improve Squat Bracing

How To Control Pelvic Position In The Squat

Shoulder Mobility Tips For The Low Bar Squat

Why and When You Should Try Squatting Barefoot

Why A Hip Circle Won’t Fix Your Knee Cave

Why I Don’t Like The Cue “Sit Back” And What To Use Instead

Why/When You Should Be Doing Tempo Squats

How to Properly Brace in the Squat

Proper Squat Descent Speed

Try This Squat Cue…

Bench Press

Tempo Bench Press: The Most Impactful Movement Constraint

The Key To Bench Grip When Unracking

Simple Setup Tip To Eliminate Over-Tucking The Elbows

Reset Reps On Deadlift: When and Why To Use

1 Drill To Know Your Optimal Wrist Extension

My Top 3 Favorite Bench Variations

Understanding Retraction and Why Your Elbows Are “Soft”

In-Depth Bench Technique: The Setup, Descent, Pause, and Press

The Definitive Guide To Leg Drive In The Bench Press

Breathing/Bracing On The Bench Press For A Better Arch

Bench Press Touch Point – Creating The Optimal Bar Path

Best Bench Cue You’ve Never Heard Of

Why You Should Bench With Your Feet Flat

Why I Am Not A Fan Of The Cue “Bend The Bar”

How To Keep Your Butt Down On Bench Press


How To Stop Over-Wedging On Deadlift

The 3 Step Deadlift Setup

Easy Deadlift Setup Cue To Fix Your Hinge

Fix Your Conventional Deadlift Form With This Variation

Head Position In The Conventional Deadlift

Deadlift Cue: Bias To The Heel During The Slack Pull

My Top 3 Favorite Deadlift Variations

Deadlift Setup Fix: Set Up Vertically Over The Bar

Slack Pull: The 5 Best Techniques To Optimize Your Deadlift

Understanding Distance Traveled When Equating Volume

Optimizing Your Deadlift Setup For A Strong Lockout

Deadlift Starting Hip Position

Don’t Make This Setup Mistake on Sumo

1 Cue to Fix Your Deadlift Tensioning

The Roll Technique for Deadlift

Head Position In The Sumo Deadlift

Benefits Of Deficit Deadlifts

The Hamstring’s Role In The Deadlift

The Key to Properly Sumo Deadlift

How To Fix Your Deadlift Lockout

Most Common Individual Difference In Deadlift Programming

Sumo or Conventional: Which Deadlift Is Right For Me?


How To Program “Fatigue” Singles

Preston – 110kg Elite Powerlifter Case Study

How To Wave Load

Lifter Case Study: Thien

Exercise Selection: Top Sets DO NOT Have To Be The Same As Backdowns

Ascending Sets, Squat Frequency, and Programming For Overshooters

How To Plan Weekly Top Set Progression

Lifter Case Study: Drew

My 4 Keys To Tracking Lifter Data

Lifter Case Study: Payton

Lifter Case Study: Lorenzo

Controlling The Rate Of Progression In Powerlifters

Programming Heavy Singles: The Complete Guide ft. Data Driven Strength

The Effect of Distance Traveled on Programming

My 3 Biggest Coaching Questions Answered

The 3 “Feelings” Of Training

Conceptualizing My Theory On Set Count As A Means Of Calculating Volume.

How To Program Variations

The Why, When, and How Of Programming A Deload Week

Adjusting Training To Suit Lifestyle Changes

Using Specificity As A Tool To Improve Technique

Developing A Weekly Training Split

Programming Series Part 3: Optimizing The Program Based on Lifter Psychology

Programming Series Part 2: Absolute/Relative Intensity Progression

Programming Series: Volume Manipulation and Progression

Volume vs. Intensity for Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Lifters

When and How To Adjust Your Training Max

10 Ways To Utilize RPE In Powerlifting Programs

How To Rate RPE

Tops Sets/Back Off Sets vs. Straight Sets, Which is Better?

Tapering Strategies For A Meet

In-Depth Insight Into An Advanced Powerlifter’s Programming

A Year In Review: Deadlifts Need To Improve

How To Choose Variations In Powerlifting

What Percentages Of Your 1RM To Use On Variations

Biggest Misconception About RPE Training

Why Do I Program Heavy Top Singles?

An Approach to New Athlete Programming

STOP! Being So Specific

A Different Way To Look At “Speed Work”

Accessory Movements

Why Some Accessory Movements Get Deemed As “Magic”.

Programming For Weighted Dips

Bulgarian Split Squat Technique For Powerlifting

Home Gym Accessory Movements I Program Most Often

Powerlifting Accessory Movements I Find Myself Programming Most Often

Competing/Meet Day

How To “Gut Cut” For A 2 Hour Weigh-In

Why You Should Game Plan To Go 9 for 9

Weight Cutting for Powerlifting

Powerlifting Warm Up Room Strategy

3rd Attempt Selection Strategy

Post-Meet Rest Week? Why You Should Take A Break


Mobility Work Within Powerlifting – Where It’s Applicable

Patellar/Quad Tendinopathy In Powerlifting

The Application of “Pain Science”

Volume vs. Intensity Induced Powerlifting Injuries

Identifying The Cause Of Low Back Pain

More Volume Without More Injuries

Importance Of Deloads For Joint Recovery


Defining What Is Good Technique

Powerlifting Coaching: The Business Side – Part 2

Powerlifting Coaching: The Business Side – Part 1

Fix Your Form!! – Subscriber Technique Reviews

How To Learn From Your Coach

Inexpensive Home Workout Equipment Options

Athlete’s – Take Control Of Your Training

Database Of Best Powerlifting Youtube Videos

Rogue Combo Rack Review

How Weight Loss/Gain Affects Leverages and Biomechanics

Database Of the Best Powerlifting Articles


How To Correct Powerlifting Form As An Online Coach

How To Build A Home Gym And Costs