Optimizing Your Deadlift Setup For A Strong Lockout – CLICK HERE

To finish off my series of proper setup on all 3 lifts, we come to the conventional and sumo deadlift. In my latest YouTube video, I dive into all the nuanced details of how to optimize your setup to create a strong lockout. And while your first instinct may not be that you need lockout help, the fact is that any optimally positioned deadlift is going to create more difficulty off the floor and an easier time at lockout. The setup on deadlift is maybe even more important than the other two lifts, as the setup really sets the tone of the execution for the rest of the lift. If we nail our setup, everything else tends to fall into place. Within this video, I take a look into why people struggle at lockout and the 4 common mistakes we see that leads to this improper positioning. I break down 3 examples of submitted videos where we see these faults to give a full analysis on. I give a step by step process for how to set up, starting with understanding how to hinge, where to place the bar in your stance, how to tension, how to pull in, and how to maximize all of this to create the most efficient pull. From there I finish with some programming tips to engrain these patterns and technical breakdowns of 7 of my lifters and what they do right to help create a good setup, strong positions, and efficient deadlifts. Click the link above to view!

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