Top 3 Reasons Why Your Peaking Block Goes Wrong

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Peaking Block Goes Wrong – CLICK HERE

Secondary Squat Day Troubleshooting Checklist

Secondary Squat Day Troubleshooting Checklist – CLICK HERE TO SEE FLOWCHART

Brace Before You Inhale

Brace Before You Inhale – CLICK HERE

Recently while filming a video for Powerlifting Now, I started to think about a different way of framing the process of bracing on squat and deadlift. And this very well may be something others have talked about before, but at least from my scope, the idea of saying “brace before you inhale” was framing the same cueing I had been using for a while now in a way that seemed to resonate a bit more. And this seemed to be deemed true when I posted this thought process onto an Instagram story and had pretty positive feedback to the idea that this helped to see the process of bracing through a new lens. In my latest YouTube video, I break down the idea of bracing before you inhale, and why this is so important to do in creating the most efficient brace and intra-abdominal pressure. I take a look at the 3 main components of what creates a solid brace. And then I cover the step by step bracing process that I have talked about before in other videos, but this time through the lens of bracing before you inhale. While I don’t think anything I say in this video is new information, my hope is that the slightly different framing can help simplify the bracing process and help others to minimize the cueing needed and maximize their strength. Click the link above to view!

Athlete Feedback Flowchart

Squat Unrack Fix: Set Up In Front Of The Bar

Squat Unrack Fix: Set Up In Front Of The Bar – CLICK HERE

I’ve harped on the setup of all 3 lifts a lot recently for good reason, because much of the lift is controlled and directly comes back to how you set up. For squat, in my opinion there tends to not be enough attention on the intentions of your initial position during the squat unrack. During a recent story I did on my Instagram (which is now a story highlight), I broke down my step-by-step cueing that I use for each phase of my squat. And something I do myself as a lifter and coach that tends to be very different from most, is that when I initially set up during the unrack, I do so in front of the bar, versus behind. This slight adjustment can actually have a pretty profound impact on how you are then able to position yourself while bracing and during the execution of the squat. In my latest YouTube Video, I break down the technique of setting up in front of the bar during the unrack phase. I look at the common faults I see from many lifters who set up from behind the bar, and the issues that stem from this strategy. I discuss how setting up in front of the bar can correct these common faults. And lastly I cover the reasons I coach to bias into extension during that initial unrack phase, and how that benefits the proceeding elements of the squat. Click the link above to view!