Attempt Selection Sheet

Below is the team attempt selection sheet we use for our athletes in competition. Come game day execution is vital and much of that comes down to proper attempt selection. This is why all of our athletes come with a set game plan in mind, with high and low options to choose from based on how things are moving that day. The goal is always 9 for 9, and our attempt selection is based around being as close as possible to that. All attempts on the spreadsheet auto-calculate based on the Current 1 RMs you insert (insert numbers into lbs. column, kgs will auto-calculate based off that). This is designed to insert the 1 RMs you are shooting for on competition day, not your training maxes leading into the meet, so make sure to input the right information to get a good readout. From there the “% 1RM” column is also editable to be able to make slight adjustments to the percentages of the high and low options as needed. When adjusting the “% 1RM” column, shoot for the high and low to be 2.5kg away from the designated attempt. And lastly at the bottom is an area to add warmups if you choose to do so. Click the link below to download! It is a view only sheet, so you must download to a new file.

PRs Competition Attempt Selection Sheet

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 4.50.29 PM

Weight Cut Spreadsheet

Below is a spreadsheet to calculate everything you need in regards to the Gut Cut and Water Load Protocol that I detail in my YouTube video “How To Gut Cut For A 2-Hour Weigh-In”. The green cell on the gut cut and water load tab notate the 1 cell you need to enter in information to auto-populate the entirety of the spreadsheet. Everything is based on a Saturday competition date, so for any differing competition day, adjust accordingly. For any and all questions regarding the weight cut process, please check out the video below on my YouTube channel. For the spreadsheet, click the link below to download! It is a view only sheet, so you must download to a new file.

Weight Cut Spreadsheet

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 7.29.10 AM