Coaching Services

We have one option when it comes to our coaching services, and that is our individualized one-on-one programming and coaching. While there is nothing wrong with offering a custom 12-Week training block option, for the cost we feel there are plenty of freebie programs out there that will do the trick, as well as the sample programs we offer. We also limit our available coaching spots to just 25-30 athletes per coach to help improve our client experience. The time devoted to each individual athlete is to the extent that we could not provide the service we desire if we continued to accept athletes beyond that point. Coaching is not just a program. It is the evaluation and analysis of technique, individualization of exercise variation to create optimal movement, and regulating training volume on a daily, weekly, and monthly level when needed to suit day-to-day fatigue and strength. With Progressive Resistance Systems, we plan out your competitive process and develop a game plan of how to help you achieve PRs on the Platform.

For our individualized one-on-one programming and coaching, the monthly cost is $140 per month, with a minimum commitment of 3 months, whereafter it rolls into a month-to-month plan based on your desired length of coaching.

For those who are local, we do have options for in-person coaching, and for that click here!

What is included in our Individualized One-on-One Programming and Coaching:


-Custom programming that is sent in 4-7 week blocks based on optimal mesocycle length for each athlete

-Long-term planning based around competitive season and frequency of competition

-Unlimited 24/7 communication through text or email

-Weekly Check-In and Block Review forms to monitor athlete performance and feedback

-Video analysis of lifts through text, email, or Instagram

-Programming through Google Sheets, which can be accessed and edited by the Coach and Athlete at any time

-Access to private team IG and Facebook pages

-Competition day planning including attempt selection, warm ups, weight cutting strategy (if needed), food and drink recommendations, and free meet day handling services if location and date is feasible for the Coach