We are excited to bring Strongman to Springfield, MO on July 21st where we will be holding the “Missouri’s Strongest Man” sanctioned through Strongman Corporation. Click the link below to register, scroll down to see a full detailed description of the event, and feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you may have at!

Facebook Event Page

PROMOTER: Steve DeNovi Email:

DATE: July 21st, 2018

CONTEST TIME: 10:00 AM ***

DIVISIONS for Missouri’s Strongest Man:

Women (LW<120.5, LW<140.5, MW<180.4, HW>180.5)

Women Master’s (40+)

Women Novice

LW Novice (<231.4)

HW Novice (>231.5)

Men Master’s (40+)

LW Open (150.5, 175.5; both weight classes if at least 5 per class)

MW Open (200.5, 231.4; both weight classes if at least 5 per class)

HW Open (231.5+)


1. Max Log: Clean and Press; athlete must wait for a “down” call. Arms fully locked out and head through. Attempts/order will follow “Wessels” rule. Wraps, sleeves, belt allowed.

2. Yoke/Farmers Medley: Carry yoke 60ft down, drop and carry farmers 60ft back. Yoke to Farmer’s transition and stoppage time occurs when front of implement crosses line. Multiple drops allowed, no straps, chalk only. 60 sec time limit.

3. Deadlift: Max reps in 60 sec. Straps ok, no suits or briefs. Up and Down commands

4. Truck Pull: The athlete must pull the truck 60ft. If the athlete does not finish the course, distance will be measured.

5. Stone Load Series: Load 5 stones from lightest to heaviest. 60 sec time limit, tacky ok. Platform height will be around 48-50inches.