In an effort the help grow the sports of Powerlifting and Strongman in the greater Springfield, MO area, Progressive Resistance Systems also hosts Powerlifting meets and Strongman competitions on a regular basis to provide a competitive outlet for athletes in Southwest Missouri. To stay up to date on our upcoming events, or to check out some of our past events, scroll down and click the individual event page to see more information, as well as a link to the Facebook Event page!

Upcoming Events:


Past Events:

March 24, 2018:

2018 USA Powerlifting Springfield Showdown

July 21, 2018:

2018 Missouri’s Strongest Man

November 17, 2018:

GP Athletics 1st Annual Push/Pull

April 13, 2019:

2019 USA Powerlifting Springfield Showdown

November 2, 2019:

2019 Springfield Strength & Conditioning Push/Pull

April 18, 2020:

2020 USA Powerlifting Springfield Showdown

September 5, 2020:

2020 USA Powerlifting PRs On The Platform

October 10, 2020:

2020 USA Powerlifting Midwest Primetime

April 10, 2021:

2021 USA Powerlifting Springfield Showdown