What is the best powerlifting program?

This probably isn’t the answer you want to hear, but there is no such thing. Everyone is different, whether that be your training age, physiology, sex, genetic predisposition to training, and training history. So to say there is a best powerlifting program or training routine would be incorrect. Instead a training program must be based around your individual needs, adjusting and progressing the stimulus as you adapt to the imposed demands that the training places upon you. That is why with Progressive Resistance Systems we do not have a program option, as I do not believe that will really give you the value you hope it will. Instead we have comprehensive online coaching that goes far beyond just a program. We do offer free sample programs though to give an idea of how our programming is set up and can give you a good place to start if financially you are not ready for our coaching services. To access these programs, click the link below!

Sample Programs