Programming Series Part 2: Absolute/Relative Intensity Progression – CLICK HERE

In part 2 of the programming series, I go deep into anything and everything regarding the programming and manipulation of absolute and relative intensity! There are many ideologies and approaches to programming in powerlifting. High volume, low volume, high frequency, low frequency, high specificity, and low specificity. You could argue some approaches are more optimal than others, but in some manner people have found success with all these different approaches. But they all have one thing in common. You have to lift heavy weights to get stronger. It doesn’t matter how much you adjust and manipulate any other variable. If you aren’t increasing the load on the bar and progressing and manipulating intensity over time, you won’t succeed in powerlifting. In this video I break down the infinite number of ways to adjust intensity within each training day, each week, and each block to maximize long term success through well thought and and creative progression. I show the conceptual model of how I approach programming intensity and how to manage fatigue to optimize results within your micro and meso-cycle. I take a look at how to be creative in progressing your often neglected accessory work, and train more like a bodybuilder who actually cares about getting better at these non-barbell movements. And lastly, I take some real world examples of a couple of my athletes and how we applied these principles to optimize their progress. And within that, how intensity progression is individualized to each one of their lifts as well. Click the link above to watch!

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