Programming Series: Volume Manipulation and Progression – CLICK HERE

In part 1 of a 2 part programming series, I’ll be diving in depth into the manipulation and progression of volume within powerlifting programming. Volume is an often discussed topic, but over the course of each week, each, block, and each year, how should we be managing our volume to maximize long term progress in the sport? In my latest YouTube video, I discuss how I approach programming within the context of volume, why I don’t manipulate or adjust volume much week to week or block to block, and instead how I use volume to create a consistent variable to better understand the drivers of progress within our training. I breakdown within my system how I structure rep schemes, deloads, and the general maximum daily volume to best suit an athlete. And have you ever wondered if you should add another squat day? Well I cover that too, with how I decide when to increase frequency and how I do so. And lastly I cover the way I typically build in volume increases over time to improve athlete work capacity and tolerable workload at a manageable and safe rate. Click the link above to watch!

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