The Definitive Guide To Leg Drive In The Bench Press – CLICK HERE

Leg drive in the bench press is one of the hardest things to master within powerlifting. I have been bench pressing for almost 11 years, with 5-6 of those years being dedicated to powerlifting. But only within the past 2 years have I really mastered the ability of leg drive to control and stabilize my bench press. Unlike the common misconception where you see people almost “push press” with their leg drive, what it should be is a constant tension we apply throughout the entirety of the movement to create tension and stability, while maximizing our position. In my latest YouTube video I dive into all aspects of leg drive, from the initial setup, optimal foot position, maintaining leg drive, cueing to increase ribcage elevation, how to keep you butt down, and options to individualize leg drive for your specific needs. This is an all encompassing video of everything you should need to know to master the technique of leg drive. To watch, click the link above!

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