Powerlifting Coaching: The Business Side – Part 1 – CLICK HERE

One of the single biggest reasons for the success I’ve had as a Powerlifting coach is due to my expertise and understanding of the business side. There are plenty of fantastic powerlifting coaches who just frankly have no idea how to run a business. They love coaching, they love powerlifting, but they unfortunately miss the mark when it comes to being an entrepreneur and business owner. I think I am uniquely qualified to talk about this subject because of my formal education background, but even more so, because what I did worked. I am from Springfield, MO where there was no USAPL or USPA presence at the time when I moved there in 2016. I am not strong or impressive as an athlete myself. I didn’t coach anyone notable until recently and when I was getting started I did not have any friends who were notable within powerlifting. But I saw an opportunity, developed a very solid business plan, and if I had to do it over again, I’d do it exactly the same way. So in my latest YouTube series I am going to be giving an all encompassing look into everything that goes into starting and growing a successful powerlifting business. I take a look at developing the business and service structure, pricing, marketing, business expansion, and accounting knowledge you need to start a powerlifting coaching service. As well as give a full breakdown of how I started and grew my business over the last 3.5 years. This will be a 2 part series, and in part 1 that has just been released I’ll be covering the initial steps to becoming a powerlifting coach, setting goals and priorities for your professional career, developing the business and service structure, and how to set, progress, and manage pricing with clients. Some of the info I give will likely be pretty obvious, while some information will be things you’ve likely never thought of (in particular the marketing section coming in part 2). But more than likely most people have never thought of all of these factors in combination with developing a business plan and roadmap from just starting as a coach to making it a full time career. Click the link above to view, and hope you enjoy!

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