Programming Heavy Singles: The Complete Guide ft. Data Driven Strength – CLICK HERE

Is a 73 minute video necessarily needed to cover the topic of heavy singles? Maybe not, but per usual I want to give a full depth insight into every thought I have in regards to a programming topic. I wanted to cover this topic because I know myself and other coaches get asked frequently about the implementation of singles, in particular about doing them year round. Heavy singles can be broken down into a fairly easy concept, but at the same time there is a lot that goes into the decision making of the application and use for each individual lifter. In my latest YouTube video, I go into the pros and cons of heavy singles and why you should be or should not be using them at given times, with a little guest spot from @zac.datadrivenstrength. I break down the things I take into consideration for individual lifters on why or why not I would program them more or less frequently based on certain factors. I cover how this topic is very lift dependent, as the application for heavy singles is different in regards to the squat vs. bench vs. deadlift. And lastly per usual, I pull out the real world application and look at some programs where I implement these variables and show how I have done so. I will warn, if you are looking for a straight shot answer on if you should do singles year round or not, this video probably won’t give you that answer (hint: I do bias typically to not doing them year round). But what it will do is bring to light every variable you need to know in making that decision for yourself and/or for your athletes. Click the link above to view!

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