Controlling The Rate Of Progression In Powerlifters – CLICK HERE

Is it possible to progress too fast? In my opinion it is very possible, and at times a lifter may be best suited to control their rate of progression with the thought of long term strength progress in mind. In this scenario the first thing that comes to mind is a young lifter experiencing those “newbie” gains, but this concept is far reaching to other circumstances as well. So in my latest YouTube video, I give the full synopsis on my thoughts in regards to controlling the rate of progression in powerlifting. I look at the different circumstances and scenarios where it can be beneficial to control a lifter’s rate of progression. I give backing to the reasons of why controlling their progression can be beneficial, especially in the long term. I show the step by step process of how you can control progression through different applications of autoregulation and training max advancement. And then lastly I take a look at 3 case studies of my lifters. These include Alan, who is an incredibly strong teen lifter who saw exponential progress that ended up being halted by injury. Albert who needs controlled exposure/progression when reintroducing low bar squats with the squat bar. And Jimmy who was a brand new to powerlifting and added well over 200lbs to his total in the first year. If you are looking for a full guide on how to create sustainable progress for newer lifters, when introducing a new lift, or when moving up a weight class, this video is for you! Click the link above to view!

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