Programming Ascending Back Off Sets – CLICK HERE

There are many strategies that can be implemented in regards to back off sets, but a current one I have been finding really good utility with is ascending back off sets. In this method, after your top set you are taking a decent drop back, and then re-ascending back up in weight to another “top set” or somewhat heavy back off set. This is nothing new by any means, but in my latest YouTube video I break down the full reasoning behind this. I discuss the 4 main reasons I may program this based on characteristics with responses I see from individual lifters. I look at how to program ascending back off work and why I bias to an RPE approach with this strategy. And lastly I take a look at some data breaking down the actual performance of one of my lifters in regards to their performance with ascending back off sets vs a % drop from their top set and how this decreased the strength drop off we saw, increased their quality of back off work, and decreased their intra set fatigue accumulation. Click the link above to view!


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