Why I Am Not A Fan Of The Pre-Hinge – CLICK HERE

A common squat setup technique I see used, and I myself used to use frequently, was cueing the initial starting position with a pre-hinge. I personally used to use this with many lifters to help with reducing extension bias and allowing a more natural chest drop and forward lean. But over time I started seeing more issues than not with this technique, as I found it became a band-aid solution for most versus actually getting down to the primary issues. In my latest YouTube video I break down the reasons why I am no longer a fan of using a pre-hinge. I take a look at who or who might not benefit from using a pre-hinge. I discuss the reasons why typically I see it causing more issues than it fixes. And lastly I cover what I actually see as being the root cause of most of the issues a pre-hinge is supposed to address and what to focus on instead. Click the link above to view!

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