Mastering Your Bench Setup With “Wedging” – CLICK HERE

One of the simplest, yet largest, improvements I have made in coaching bench technique over the course of this year is the understanding of bench wedging. I have Sean Noriega to thank for this, as he did a great job of bringing this to light in his “How To Arch” video on Powerlifting Now. And while bench “wedging” was something I actually was doing, I was not understanding the intent and results of it until Sean brought this concept to light. And once I did have a full understanding, it was a game changer for myself and the athletes I coach. In my latest YouTube video, I break down what is benching wedging and what are the main benefits of this setup. I give a full demonstration of how to wedge, as well as show the main issues this addresses and the common faults lifter’s have in their initial grip setup on bench press. Bench wedging a pretty universal setup tip, as likely anyone who performs the bench press should be setting up in this way. So if you bench, want to get stronger on bench, and have 9 minutes free today make sure to check out this video. Click the link above to view!

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