Troubleshooting Technique And Developing Movement Systems  w/ Joe Stanek – Coach x Coach Episode 1 – CLICK HERE

I got to sit down in person with Joe Stanek, renowned powerlifting coach from Gameday Barbell, when I was in Texas earlier this year to discuss a variety of topics. In part 1 on this channel, we discuss the thought process behind developing a system of movement to help define how you approach technique as a powerlifting coach. This includes the main constraints that become our building blocks/starting point. How to use movement constraints to teach and manage positional cues. As well as troubleshooting technique for when a lifter starts to regress or develop bad movement habits over time. Make sure as well to head over to Joe’s channel after for part 2 (CLICK HERE), where we discuss peaking and different approaches we take to bringing lifters in at their best on meet day! Click the link above to view!

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