How To Program “Fatigue” Singles – CLICK HERE

Programming singles after a top rep set is nothing new. People have been doing that for who knows how long, and it is something I have been doing for years now, and other coaches did that well before me. But as of recently, this tool has developed into more of a system within my model of programming. And thanks to Wascar Carpio, he has coined it a “fatigue” single. The biggest issue with singles is when your model of programming is not designed around their implementation, for a multitude of reasons, they can be fairly disruptive to the overall training protocol when you start adding them in. I discuss the why of this in detail in my recent videos on Powerlifting Now, but in my latest YouTube video, I wanted to specifically touch on my current system of programming fatigue singles. I briefly touch on the reasons they can be disruptive, but more so take a statistical look into Wascar’s training leading into Powerlifting America Nationals. I detail the pretty profound difference we saw in average intensity and total tonnage block to block as we transitioned from fatigue singles to prioritizing singles first. As well as I go over 3 different models of implementing fatigue singles over a full 3 block macro cycle. Click the link above to view!

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