Ascending Sets, Squat Frequency, and Programming For Over Shooters – CLICK HERE

In honor of the upcoming Corrupted Summit, Marcellus Williams, Brad Couillard, and myself decided to team up for an Integrated Craft Systems collab. In my latest YouTube video, Marcellus, Brad, and I cover a wide range of topics from questions you all submitted. We cover the vast topic of how to program ascending sets and in what scenarios we find ourselves utilizing them. We cover what we see as the average competition lift frequency. And in more detail talk about how we think a 3rd squat day is overrated for most, and how to program a 3rd squat day if it is appropriate for an individual lifter. For the chronic over shooters, we detail programming and psychological techniques we use to help confront those issues, keep lifters in the pocket, and individualize training to best suit each lifters “reward system”. And lastly Brad, Marcellus, and I break down some of the more unexpected lessons we have learned in coaching, that as younger coaches we had prior misconceptions about. And if 1 video isn’t enough, Marcellus has the entire other half of the Q&A on his channel, so make sure to check both videos out and sign up for the Corrupted Summit while you can, as registration closes August 27th! Click the link in my bio to view the video and to find the registration link as well!


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