How To Plan Weekly Top Set Progression – CLICK HERE

A concept I’ve been working with lately is understanding the “whys” behind appropriate spacing of top set progression for each individual athlete. And as I have been diving further into this, and seeing other coaches post similar thoughts as well, I decided per usual I needed to conceptualize this within a data based approach. The fact is, most people are not as strong at the beginning of a training block as they are at the end. That is kind of the whole purpose of most structured training. Yet people plan loading and progression rates as if they have a static training max, ignoring the concepts of adaptation before overload and the repeated bout effect. In my latest YouTube video, I wanted to get this concept down on paper and theorize how this is actually applied based on different lifter scenarios. I looked at the difference in static versus variable training maxes and how they should affect block progression planning. I detailed how an athlete can plan their block accordingly based on their end of block goals by using past training. And lastly I show how to customize weekly training ranges within RPE prescriptions for both coaches and athletes. Hopefully this video helps to give you a better idea of how to conceptualize week to week top set progression to plan accordingly to get the best results. Click the link above to view!

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