Understanding Hip Shift In The Squat – CLICK HERE

We see content all the time regarding hip shifts in the squat, but do we really understand why? A hip shift in my opinion is arguably the most complicated aspect of form breakdown in any of the 3 lifts. Typically it is a multi-factorial approach due to so many compensation patterns up and down the chain from just 1 minor breakdown. But where does that breakdown come from? In my latest YouTube video I detail how the shoulders, obliques, hips, and feet all interconnect in regards to hip shift. Shoulder external rotation, oblique control, hip internal rotation, and foot pressure all form this chain of stability and mobility to create a symmetrical squat pattern. Yet the issue is that we are rarely symmetrical as human beings. One minor asymmetry can create multiple compensation patterns up and down the chain and create a very complex situation. From my viewpoint, understanding where this breakdown occurs, what to look for, and the effects one minor deviation has on the rest of the body is the key to understanding a hip shift. I talk about the 4 variations of hip shift I see across the powerlifting spectrum, tests to gauge where the initial route issue is stemming from, possible fixes in regards to these problems, and lastly some real world examples and analysis of some lifters displaying hip shifts. The point of this video is less to teach you how to fix your hip shift though, and more to understand why the hip shift occurs. There are many videos giving hip shift fixes, but what they miss is the why behind it, as I will confidently say there is no one size fits all fix for a hip shift. If we can first understand what is happening, then the fix becomes a lot easier. Click the link above to view!

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