My Top 3 Favorite Bench Variations – CLICK HERE

From the first day we started lifting, we all wanted a big bench. But most of the time the way to that big bench is perfectly clear or linear. Oftentimes we introduce variations into our programs to accomplish specific tasks, whether technique or programming based, that just competition bench press cannot achieve alone. So continuing with my YouTube series on my favorite lift variations, next up is my top 3 favorite bench press variations! In my latest YouTube video, I break down my top 3 favorite bench variations and do my best to really cover all aspects of how these can benefit lifters. Most of us know the basics, but I try to look into even how some bench variations can help alleviate knee pain in the squat. For each variation I take a look at what their benefits are in regards to technique and programming. I give detailed instructions on how to do them correctly to get the most out of them. I look at who these variations would benefit, as well as who probably wouldn’t benefit from them. And lastly, I explain the how and when of programming these variations into your own programming. Click the link in my bio to view!

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