How To “Gut Cut” For A 2 Hour Weigh-In – CLICK HERE

In cutting weight for a powerlifting meet, the goal is to lose the weight needed while affecting performance as minimally as possible. Unfortunately the typical technique of dehydrating yourself, sitting in a sauna for hours, and dropping sodium can have a noticeable effect on performance, as we are taking things from our body that have a direct impact on our strength. You know what doesn’t affect our strength…..poop. Our gut content has no bearing on our performance, so through gut manipulation we can reduce the “poop” we have within our digestive system to lose up to 3-5% of our body weight with little to no effect on our strength. In my latest Youtube video, I break down the exact protocol I use with my athletes to make weight time and time again. While I have used this for athletes having 24 hour weigh-ins, this is especially relevant to those with 2 hour weigh-ins, as you don’t have time to fully replenish in such a short time. So finding a way to be as efficient as possible in cutting weight is vital. I give a day by day setup for exactly what to do nutritionally the week of the meet, how to calculate food content to the gram based on your daily caloric intake, and special protocols I use when those last few pounds to come off are being stubborn. I also look at the simple water loading protocol I use in unison with the gut cut, and how to track body weight efficiently to know exactly what you need to weigh the night before the meet before going to bed. If you are looking to cut for an upcoming meet, this is a much watch! Click the link above to view!

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