My Top 3 Favorite Deadlift Variations – CLICK HERE

In my final installment of my top 3 variations for each lift, I break down my go-to’s for the deadlift! In this YouTube video, I look at the 3 deadlift variations I find myself programming most often, their benefits, how to do them correctly, when to do them, when not to do them, and how to program them within your training. At least from my coaching and programming style, I’d say the deadlift is the movement that I probably program more to specificity than the others, so I tend to use less variations. I’ve tried other things, but just haven’t seen the carry over. So these 3 variations are my staples and what I find myself falling back on to satisfy the need for variation in the deadlift. Whether that be to self limit, correct movement, manage fatigue, or find a direct transfer of strength. And I will give a small spoiler, in that 1 of those variations is the Romanian Deadlift. I’ve been wanting to do a “how to hinge” video, but this worked perfectly to break down the hinge within my explanation of the “how to” on the RDL. So I will make sure to timestamp each section so if you are more interested in “how to hinge”, you can jump straight to that section. Click the link above to watch!

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