Database Of Best Powerlifting Youtube Videos

I was putting together a list of must watch videos for a current coach I am mentoring, and decided why not just share this list within the blog as well for all to access! There are many more very informative videos out there, but this list was specifically put together for an aspiring coach to learn more specific details within programming and coaching the 3 powerlifting movements. And these are no in particular order, just copy and pasted as I went along. Hope you enjoy!


Creating a Strength

Design of a Strength Block for PRs

Using Deloads for Consistent Training

Programming | Intermediate Bodybuilder/Powerlifter

Creating a Perfect Routine | Micro Cycles, Volume/Intensity & Exercise Selection

Creating a Perfect Routine | Choosing Volume & Intensity In a Micro Cycle

Volume or Intensity More Important for Strength? The Benefits of Both & Why I Focus on Volume More

How Many Sets/Reps, Intensity, Frequency & Variation For The Big 3

How To Program The Squat DUP/Sub Max Style | IMO The Best Way To Get Strong

How To Set Up a DUP Split and Program Technique Days For Strength

How To Program The Bench DUP/Sub Max Style | IMO The Best Way To Get a Strong Bench

How To Program The Deadlift DUP/Sub Max Style | IMO The Best Way To Get a Strong Deadlift

How To Program The Sumo Deadlift DUP/Sub Max Style | IMO The Best Way To Get a Strong Sumo

Free DUP Sub-Max Powerlifting Program | Downloadable Excel Sheet

Specificity – Variety Continuum — Is Specificity Really King?



Leg Position and Strength for Squats

Bracing for Squats

Low Bar vs High Bar vs Front Squat | The Differences

How To Brace Properly For Strength & Activation (You’re Probably Doing it Wrong)

Finding Your Ideal Squat Position | Why Your Squat Warm-up Must Be Different

Advanced Squat Technique to Stay Upright | Why They’re Wrong About The Wrists & Elbows

Common Squat Grip Position Mistake | New Way To Use RPE & More (info vlog 2)

Fixing a Squat Hip Shift & Tips On Accessory Exercise Selection | In Gym Vlog

Improve your Squat INSTANTLY – Extensor Tone with Melbourne Strength Culture

Chest Up ≠ Upright Torso

SQUAT: One Simple Cue to Fix Knee Valgus

A Simple Solution To Failing Heavy Squats For Depth

HOW TO: Squat like a PRO – beginners

One Quick Tip To Improve Your Squat IMMEDIATELY (And Deadlift)



Bench Press Set Up and Technique

Bench Press Bar Path and Elbow Flare

Bench Press Grip

How To Use Leg Drive

Why a Bent Wrist In the Bench Is Actually Good | Why The Larsen Press Kicks Ass | Vlog 1

Understanding Leg Drive In The Bench Part 1 | What’s ACTUALLY Happening

Which Bench Press Leg Drive Style Is Best For You |Pros & Cons of Each | Leg Drive Part 2

Grip Trick For Optimal Force Transfer In Bench | How To ACTUALLY Wrap Wraps (you’re doing it wrong)

Bench Variation, Attempt Selections & Cues to Ensure you Don’t Screw Up You Bench Press Meet Prep

Bench Press: Setting Up for a Big Arch

My Favourite BENCH CUE!

Bench Press: Pressing with Vertical Bar Path

How to BENCH – beginners

Bench Press: Setting up for Shoulder Depression



Pulling Slack on Deadlifts

Anchoring Hips for Better Deadlifts

Deadlift Set Up and Tightness

Use Your Quads to Find the Right Hip Height

Train Your Opposite Stance Deadlift

My Favorite Deadlift Cue

Anchoring Pt 2

How To Sumo Deadlift: The Definitive Guide

Improve Your Deadlift | Understanding the Hip Shoot

How Low Should Your Hips Be in the Deadlift? | Easy Way to Figure It Out

The Best Deadlift Sequence For Positioning/Tension | How To Actually Pull The Slack Out & Hip Scoop

Part 1 How to Pull With A Neutral Back: The Best Bracing Sequence For Deadlifting

Achieving a Perfectly Tensioned Deadlift | 3 Categories & 9 Tips To Fix Your Deadlift

My Favourite DEADLIFT CUE!

DEADLIFT: Correcting your start position

The Romanian Deadlift — the best Deadlift accessory you SHOULD be doing

How To Tell If You’re Pulling With Your Back

Pulling The Slack Out Of The Bar – A Thorough TUTORIAL

How to DEADLIFT – Beginners (Conventional)

How to DEADLIFT – Sumo



Fix Shoulder Mobility For Good | Shoulder Stability/Movement Prep


Balance and Position — One Common Error Intermediates Make

Learn to Control Your Pelvis to a Bigger and Safer Squat


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