Easy Deadlift Setup Cue To Fix Your Hinge – CLICK HERE

It still is a bit crazy to me just how many powerlifters do not know how to properly hinge, from beginners all the way up to elite level lifters. The hinge is the key component and foundation of what a deadlift is, especially with the conventional deadlift. So if someone does not know how to properly hinge, they are missing out on the lowest hanging fruit in improving their deadlift setup, technique, and strength. In my latest YouTube video, for the first time ever I actually do a short, simple, and under 10 minute breakdown of an easy cue to implement that can help most anyone improve their ability to hinge. I’ve actually mentioned this cue in some Instagram stories before and still to this day have people reach out at times asking if I had a video of this setup somewhere saved. So after noticing how often I was repeating this hinge trick to my athletes, it was time to put it out there on video! Also, I give a little teaser on a project to come starting next year that will guarantee even more content coming your way. Click the link above to view!

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