The 3 Step Deadlift Setup – CLICK HERE

Continuing in my series on deadlift technique, one of the primary issues I see within deadlift technique is the issue of people “reaching for the bar” at the initiation of their setup. Where in reality, grabbing the bar is one of the last things you should be doing in the initial setup phase of the conventional or sumo deadlift. And usually, “reaching for the bar” is in combination with someone who goes through all phases of the deadlift setup in one fell swoop, rather than breaking down each movement step by step. In my latest YouTube video, I am able to yet again do the impossible by keeping a video under 7 minutes, with the 3 step setup that I coach the majority of my lifters to use. This top down setup approach helps to simplify, slow things down, and manage the positions needed that enable a lifter to then grab the bar to initiate the slack pull and wedge. The key here is patience though, and breaking up each of these movements step by step before moving onto the next. Click the link above to view!

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