How To Wave Load – CLICK HERE


Throughout training we are utilizing multiple tools and strategies to help manage fatigue. In particular, as we push intensity and volume throughout a block, we get to a point in the fitness vs fatigue model where fatigue surpasses our fitness level, and we must implement some type of strategy to help return fatigue to a manageable level while maintaining fitness. The typical tool people use are deloads, but a common strategy being used more regularly in modern programming is wave loading. The definitiion of wave loading used to be more applied to block structure and the idea of wave loading rep schemes, such as the infamous 5/3/1. But the definition I am using here is as a strategy to taper fatigue without having to use the typical deload week to end a block. In my latest YouTube video, I break down what wave loading is and how we can implement this model within our training. I take a look at the reasons to wave load in comparison to deloading, and where wave loading can be of benefit for specific lifters. And lastly I go into detail in how to wave load, showing the 3 different models of wave loading I implement for my athletes and how to adjust based on their individual response. Check out the link above to view!

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