Setup and Bracing Guide For Low Bar Squatting – CLICK HERE

I’ve made a couple posts detailing the low bar squat setup and bracing, but never a full guide that breaks down each step all together. So in my latest YouTube video, I go through the step my step process of setting the upper back, breathing, bracing, and maintaining tightness by developing the optimal setup, prior to descending. If done correctly, much of the stereotypical cues are unneeded, as the bracing and tightness you create help to naturally take care of your upper/lower back and pelvic positions for you. And for those who may not fully understand what bracing is and what we are trying to accomplish, I even made “torso” out of a ballon and duck tape to mimic what our lunges and torso are doing as we inhale and brace. Click the link above to watch, and let me know of any questions you have!

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