Inexpensive Home Workout Equipment Options

So when you’ve got a world class powerlifter (700lb. squat at 179lbs.) quarantined with no weights, what do you do? Here is a list of recommended inexpensive equipment I sent @mattyseason to be able to create some home workouts that can actually challenge him.

1.) Pushups were probably not going to be challenging enough, so we needed a way to do dips, and you can find relatively inexpensive dip stands like the ones below on Amazon.

Dip Stand

Also, this serves a dual purpose in being able to do Inverted Rows with these as well. Just prop your feet up on a chair, hang from the handles, and perform a bodyweight row.

2.) There are very little options for hamstring curls at home, unless you buy a pair of furniture sliders. They are super cheap and you can do a wide variety of exercises on them, but in particular they are great for Slider Leg Curls.

Furniture Sliders

For Matt I also programmed Slider Ab Rollouts utilizing these as well.

3.) Lastly, Blood Flow Restriction training is something I even utilize in regular training, let alone home workouts. With very light weight you can get insane pumps that have been shown to create fairly adequate hypertrophy in resistance trained individuals. Below is BFR Tourniquets for upper body exercises, and BFR Leg Wraps for lower body.

BFR Tourniquets

BFR Leg Wraps

In total, all this equipment should run you under $100, yet gives ways to actually overload some movement patterns in a manner that you could not otherwise.

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