How To Fix An Uneven Bar Position On Squat – CLICK HERE

In the low bar squat specifically, an issue that is common in powerlifting is an uneven bar. Whether that be one side sitting lower, the bar being off center, or twisting, it is common to see asymmetry in someone’s low bar rack position. As humans, we are asymmetrical, and likely in the squat, bench, and deadlift will never look perfectly even. So for some this may not be an issue at all, but for others, it may be limiting their strength potential or causing other downfalls. In my latest YouTube video, I cover the 3 fairly simple reasons why the bar might be uneven for someone, how to fix that, and what to look for in regards to identifying if this is a potential issue or not for you. What you will find is this issue isn’t really that complex, and typically stems from just an accumulation of bad habits over time. Hopefully for those who may be limiting their potential due to an uneven bar position can find the fix they’ve been looking for in this video, and feel free to ask any questions if needed! Click the link above to view!

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