Squat Technique: Drive The Knees Forward and STOP “Sitting Back” – CLICK HERE

Drive the knees forward for some of you may sound obvious, but the “sit back and drive the knees out” cue is still widely used today, and by many coaches universally with their athletes. In my latest Youtube video, I break down the issues with theĀ  “sit back and drive the knees out” cue, why it does not have the same carry over to raw lifting, and what the majority of lifters should most likely be doing instead. I take a look at what is actually happening bio-mechanically in the squat and what muscles are the prime movers during different phases of the concentric. I break down why sitting back more and switching to flats isn’t going to fix your knee pain. I give a detailed analysis of the 3 main cues I recommend and how to implement those. I then take a look at the BEST raw squatters in the world and what they are doing. Hint: 85% of the 24 best male squatters in the world drive their knees forward and do not rely on the “sit back” cue. And lastly, I break down the form of 2 of my lifters, as well as highlight the lifter who I think may have one the best looking squats in all of the USAPL/USPA. Click the link above to watch!

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