Programming Series Part 3: Optimizing The Program Based on Lifter Psychology – CLICK HERE

After finishing part 2 of the programming series, I realized after discussing those videos with a couple people that I couldn’t stop there, and that I was missing a very important topic. This topic is how lifter psychology plays into optimizing the program for an individual. You can have the greatest program ever on paper, but if it doesn’t play into a lifter’s psychological strengths and weaknesses, it can completely miss the boat. In my latest YouTube video, I break down the mental factors that can affect programming and how we can make adjustments to best suit a lifter’s needs. Lifter adrenaline/intensity, confidence, focus, motivation, stress, and habits all play into how a lifter executes what is written down. Take the same program and apply it to 4 lifters who greatly differ based on psychological traits, and you’ll see 4 different ways that program is interpreted and played out. Click the above to watch!

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