Powerlifting Coaching: The Business Side – Part 2 – CLICK HERE

It is time for part 2 of the Powerlifting Coaching: Business Side series, and honestly this is the one I was really excited for. Part 1 touched on setting up a general business and service structure, but part 2 really dives into what I’d consider the meat and potatoes…..marketing. In my latest Youtube video, I cover the aspects of marketing, business expansion, and accounting that will be vitally important to helping powerlifting coaches grow their business from the ground up. Marketing in particular is where I believe even some experienced coaches have room to learn, as it is a very misunderstood topic. At a very basic level, most think of advertising and marketing as the direct promotion of your business with ads, giveaways, “3 spots open” story promotions, and more. But really that is the least effective form of marketing, and the bread and butter is what is unseen. The marketing that works helps guide the consumer’s thoughts and behavior and presents them with something of value. Whether that be in knowledge, entertainment, emotion, or something of tangible worth, rather than constantly asking the consumer to give you something. Within marketing in particular I look at how to establish a niche and target audience, how to find your position with that niche, how to market to your target audience, how to leverage your strengths, and the tools to use to accomplish these tasks. I tie that all in with how to get a foothold within your local and state powerlifting community and expand that nationally in a strategic way. I also briefly touch on some accounting principles, and then tie that all together with a case study of how I progressed from coaching a couple friends for free 6 years ago to where I am now. Click the link above to view!



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