Volume vs. Intensity for Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Lifters – CLICK HERE

As we progress in our training age, our programming must progress as well. While there are many variables that we can manipulate within our programs, volume and intensity remain the two staples for how we create the overload stimulus to produce strength. In my latest YouTube video, I dive into a theoretical discussion of my thought process in regards to the manipulation of volume and intensity, and specifically how that relates to the progression of novice to intermediate to advanced lifters. This is meant to be a general breakdown of how I relate the manipulation of these variables into the structuring of programs for lifters. As well as my anecdotal thoughts on what I see between the different spectrums of lifters around the country and what type of training they are responding to. If you can make it through my 24 minutes of rambling, hopefully you’ll come away with a better understanding of how to use these two variables to optimize your training based on your current training age and needs. Click the link above you watch!

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