How To Program Variations – CLICK HERE

The most popular article on my website month after month is “What Percentage Of Your 1RM To Use On Variations“. I know when I first got into powerlifting, a big question I had was how to use my competition squat, bench, and deadlift 1RM/training max to then calculate something like a tempo squat or 3 second pause bench press. And from my research, outside of a couple tidbits here and there in forum posts, nothing like that existed. So from my coaching experience I put together a list of all the squat, bench press, and deadlifts variations I have used, and where I generally find athlete’s strength on those movements. In my latest YouTube video, I dive deeper into this topic with how to actually program these variations. I briefly cover the general percentage of 1RM that these variations fall under, but more so I dive into how to actually calculate and program these variations within a percentage based or RPE based program. These will not be 100% universal, and there are going to be outliers from what I recommend. But this will hopefully give most people a great starting point rather than just completely guessing, as well as the ability to program these appropriately within their training program. Click the link above to view!

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