Slack Pull: The 5 Best Techniques To Optimize Your Deadlift – CLICK HERE

Powerlifter’s will spend years trying to master the art of slack pull in the deadlift. So in my latest YouTube video I break down the 5 best slack pull techniques to hopefully speed up the process for you and optimize your deadlift now. I first look at the foundational principles that must be in place within the conventional and sumo deadlift to create the positional and force requirements needed to pull slack optimally. I then break down the 5 techniques that I see the strongest and most efficient deadlifters using. And while powerlifters may have slightly different variations of these techniques, the base foundation of almost all top level deadlifters will fall within the realm of one of these 5. I cover the do’s and don’ts of deadlift and slack pull, and the big things that tend to plague powerlifters from being able to pull slack efficiently. And then lastly, I take a look at real life examples with lifters I coach, covering each of the 5 techniques with slo-mo technical analysis of their lifts. Click the link above to view!

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