Brace Before You Inhale – CLICK HERE

Recently while filming a video for Powerlifting Now, I started to think about a different way of framing the process of bracing on squat and deadlift. And this very well may be something others have talked about before, but at least from my scope, the idea of saying “brace before you inhale” was framing the same cueing I had been using for a while now in a way that seemed to resonate a bit more. And this seemed to be deemed true when I posted this thought process onto an Instagram story and had pretty positive feedback to the idea that this helped to see the process of bracing through a new lens. In my latest YouTube video, I break down the idea of bracing before you inhale, and why this is so important to do in creating the most efficient brace and intra-abdominal pressure. I take a look at the 3 main components of what creates a solid brace. And then I cover the step by step bracing process that I have talked about before in other videos, but this time through the lens of bracing before you inhale. While I don’t think anything I say in this video is new information, my hope is that the slightly different framing can help simplify the bracing process and help others to minimize the cueing needed and maximize their strength. Click the link above to view!

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