My 3 Biggest Coaching Questions Answered – CLICK HERE


I have been coaching powerlifters in some capacity for about 7 years, and full time for the past 4 years. In that time there has been a lot of learning. As a powerlifting coach, one of our main duties is to be a creative problem solver. When an issue arises, our goal is to find a solution. And as I developed as a coach, there were routinely 3 questions that haunted me. I just didn’t have an answer that was repeatable and predictable in finding these solutions for athletes across the board. But over time with experience, failing many times, and trial and error, I feel like I have a really good grasp now on the answers to these.

In my latest YouTube video, I dive deep into these 3 questions and the solutions and answers I’ve now found over the last 7 years. So what are these questions?

1.) Is the results of the current training block due to this block, or due to prior training blocks?

2.) Does a lifter need more or less volume?

3.) How many top sets vs. back offs or what make up of peak vs. average intensity does a lifter need?

These are very complex questions that over time I feel I’ve been able to narrow down into fairly simple solutions. My hope with this video is to expedite the headaches I had for other coaches and lifters. Click the link above to view!

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