Tempo Bench Press: The Most Impactful Movement Constraint – CLICK HERE

In my February video on Powerlifting Now, I take a 45 minute deep dive into how we can use movement and programming constraints to help fix and align technique, rather than the traditional methods of internal and external cueing. But within that, in my opinion there is one movement constraint variation that stands above the rest…and that is tempo bench press. In one way or another, the vast majority of lifters I coach perform tempo bench press in some manner within their programming. Some intermittently, as a way to re-align some of their internal cueing and processing with how they perform bench press. While others have tempo bench press programmed at all times throughout the year as a constraint to manage their technique, typically those with higher frequency. In my latest YouTube video, I cover why that is, and how I feel more lifters can benefit from tempo bench press than any other variation of any lift. I cover a couple simple tips I use to get the most out of this variation. And then lastly I detail some programming basics on how to effectively implement tempo bench within a lifter’s program to best set them up for success. Click the link above to view!

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