6 Causes Of Knee Cave And Why A Hip Circle Isn’t Fixing It – CLICK HERE

Other than maybe back rounding in the deadlift, I don’t think there is anything else that triggers the form and injury police on social media more than knee cave/valgus. Go to @kingofthelifts and any post with just the slightest touch of knee cave will be followed by 17 people who probably don’t lift themselves having to point out how that lifter is going to tear their ACL. In my latest YouTube video, I take a deeper look into knee valgus to give a better understanding of why it occurs and from my experience, how it seems to have little correlation with injury. I work on debunking the myth of weak glutes being the primary cause, and instead give 6 potential reasons (including weak glutes, because that is a potential cause, albeit unlikely) you are experiencing knee valgus in your squat. I’ll give a hint….much of the time it is just the adductors doing their job and is just normal deviation from the norm. But with that, sometimes knee valgus can cause potential roadblocks in regards to top end strength output, so to optimize technique I look at what the potential causes are so we have an understanding of where the breakdown is occurring and what we can improve. From there, I show real life examples of 6 of my lifters that each experience 1 of the potential causes, so that you can see exactly what I am discussing throughout the video. Click the link above to view!

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