Meet Recap: Autumm competed at the USAPL Pro Finals after a quick turnaround from the Virginia Pro, and she below all my expectations out of the water. Originally we were not even planning to do this meet, but with a spot in the finals secured we figured we would go in there and just have a fun SBD day. But in the past 10 weeks training had really picked up and hit a different stride, so it was time to push. And based on the videos above, you can see we didn’t even push enough. Autumm absolutely smashed all 3 lifts, with a 468lb. American Record squat, a 259lb. bench, and a 463lb. deadlift for an American Record total of 1190lbs. What I am really happy about is every meet Autumm and I have worked together, we have learned from and improved at the next meet. And the Arnold Pro Finals really was the cumulation of all of that work, as everything on meet day was perfect, especially on Autumm’s end with her execution. 468lbs. was the goal going in on squat and she absolutely crushed it, and likely had another 2.5-5kg in the tank, albeit we knew we wanted to keep somewhat conservative on squat to save some gas for deadlift. On bench, the week prior things were just kind of okay, and rather than push for 264lbs. for a PR, we decided to just play it conservative. But Autumm came to life meet day and made easy work of 259lbs., compared to the week prior when 253lbs. was a grinder. And then finally come deadlift, we both knew there was more, but at that point Autumm wanted to secure the 540kg total so we loaded what we needed.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 468lbs.

Bench: 259lbs.

Deadlift: 463lbs.

Total: 1190lbs.

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