Meet Recap: Blakeston competed at the Missouri Last Chance Qualifier. This meet was the full representation of taking what the day had to offer and making the best of it. A few weeks out, Blakeston hurt his groin/adductor while squatting and last week was the first time he felt comfortable squatting. He still chose to do the meet and do what he could control in training, which was basically only upper body with about a week and a half of deadlifting mixed in. He came out with a 5 kg bench PR or 132.5 kg / 291.5 lb. On deadlifts he hit 2.5 kg less than his last meet without deadlifting for 3 weeks. Now we are going to go back and get healthy and stronger!

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 137lbs.

Bench: 292bs.

Deadlift: 451lbs.

Total: 880lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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