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Meet Recap: The Grind King is back at it again, and by Ethan’s standards it was actually a pretty easy day. Comparing his last competition where he had seemingly a 7 second bench grind, the 11lb. PR of 325lbs. was a breeze! All around it was a really good day for Ethan though, with a 33lb. PR total of 1504lbs. that was rounded out by a 567lb. squat and 611lb. deadlift! The only hiccup of the day came on his 3rd deadlift, where he was called 2 to 1 for soft hips and just wasn’t quite able to lock it out. Which interestingly enough, would have pulled him into first place overall in the best lifter standings by .4 DOTs (we didn’t realize this at the time), but we really more so cared about hitting that PR and solidifying another big jump in total from his last meet. Overall since our first meet together last October, Ethan has been able to add 71lbs. to his total, and we know there is even more to that once we nail the final deadlift. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 567lbs.

Bench: 325lbs.

Deadlift: 611lbs.

Total: 1504lbs.

Coach: Steve

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