Meet Recap: Another PR Total for Jimmy at the USAPL Missouri State Championships, where he totaled 1444lbs. on an 8 for 9 day! Jimmy finished with his best lifts being a 545lb. all out grinder of a squat, a 347lb. bench press, and a 551lb. deadlift. The only hiccup on the day was his final deadlift, where after locking out he just couldn’t quite hold onto the bar before getting the down command. I’ll come back around to that later, as grip training is a notable focus moving forward, but outside of that it was another greatly executed day by Jimmy. His first meet was just 11 months ago, and since then has added another 122lbs. to his total, and through 3 meets he has only missed 2 lifts. I know he was a bit disappointed about that last deadlift, but I think the majority of people reading this would say that’s a pretty darn good start to his powerlifting career!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 105kg

Squat: 545lbs.

Bench: 347lbs.

Deadlift: 551lbs.

Total: 1444lbs.

Coach: Steve

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