Meet Recap: John absolutely crushed it. This guys has put in the work. He is the epitome of consistency. He hasn’t missed a workout or complemented one less rep than he is supposed to. He send s me all of his videos and stays in contact with me, which makes it incredible easy on me as a coach to track progress. At the meet he hit a meet PR on bench press with 280 lbs. He probably had 5-10lbs that he left on the platform. On deadlifts he also hit a meet PR by hitting 528 lbs. I’m most impressed by his deadlifts because we took two whole 5 week training blocks to work on technique. He’s only had about 2 months of consistent training with his new technique. I’m excited to see what he can do now that he has that honed in. At his next meet John will be pushing to qualify for USAPL raw nationals in 2019.

Division: Open

Bench: 280lbs.

Deadlift: 528lbs.

Total: 903lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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