Meet Recap: Kelly PR’d her total by 5 kg / 12lbs. from her last meet, resulting in a 315 kg / 694lb. total. Her past meet was only 3 1/2 months ago! She hit two meet PRs. Her squat was a 2.5kg PR, and her bench was also a 5kg meet PR. Her deadlift would’ve tied a meet PR on her third but she was 8/8 so far on the day so we decided to go for an all-time PR cuz she had nothing to lose, but unfortunately she just narrowly missed it. Still happy we went with that decision because we had such a great day and she got to go for it all on her last attempt! I was most proud of Kelly for her bench press. She had missed 155lbs. twice in training. For her to mentally get over the fact that she’s had missed that weight and to have the confidence to step up and get it in a meet was tremendous!!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 264lbs.

Bench: 154bs.

Deadlift: 275lbs.

Total: 694lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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