Matt – USAPL Missouri State Championship – 6/17/2017


Meet Recap: Matt was an experienced Strongman competitor, where I had coached him to the USS Strongman Nationals the previous year, where he finished 3rd in the extremely competitive Super Heavyweight Class. This time he wanted to take a shot at Powerlifting though. In his first meet, he finished 9/9 with an epic 3rd attempt deadlift that he grinded out to be able achieve a USAPL Nationals qualifying total by 3lbs. He also finished with the State Record Total for the Open 120+kg Men’s for Illinois, and a 418 Wilks.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 120+kg

Squat: 601lbs.

Bench: 413lbs.

Deadlift: 644lbs.

Total: 1658lbs.

Coach: Steve

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